Nabil George, member of the Egyptian Democratic Party, imprisoned on charges of joining a terrorist group

Press Release

14 March 2023

Yesterday, the Supreme State Security Prosecution decided to renew the detention of Nabil George Nazir, a member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, pending case No. 325 of 2023. George faces charges of joining a terrorist group, intentionally publishing false news and statements, misusing a website, and committing one of the crimes of financing terrorism.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal rights (EIPR), while condemning the continued detention of citizens on fabricated political charges, calls for the immediate release of Nabil George, especially since he is a member of a legitimate political party that ran in the parliamentary elections on the "National List" and is currently participating in organizing the National Dialogue and membership of its board of trustees.

Security forces had arrested George, 39 years old, from his home in the Zawiya al-Hamra district in Cairo on February 15, 2023, and the State Security Prosecution interrogated him about videos on YouTube and TikTok addressing political affairs in Egypt.

EIPR lawyers who were present with Nabil George, asked the prosecution to promptly have George examined by a cardiologist or cardio surgeon as he had performed heart surgery prior to his arrest.