Files: Capital Punishment

7 Sep 2022

Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights publishes the English translation of the Third Annual Report on the Death Penalty in Egypt, which was initially published in Arabic on the 28th of October 2021. The report presents and documents death penalty sentences issued in Egypt in 2019 in cases that the research team was able to gain access to. Further, it attempts to provide an analysis on patterns regarding the use of the death penalty in Egyptian courts and the qualitative and quantitative changes with regards to resorting to this most severe penalty under Egyptian criminal law.

18 Aug 2022

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights joins the World Day Against the Death Penalty, which aimed in the past year to focus on women who have been sentenced to death, those who have been executed and women at risk of being sentenced to death. EIPR’s position has been and remains to call for the suspension of the death penalty until a broad societal dialogue is opened about its deterrent effect.

Press Release10 May 2021

Therefore, the Stop the Death Penalty Campaign in Egypt and the undersigned organizations call upon the Egyptian government to immediately halt the implementation of the death penalty and to abide by the Egyptian Code of Criminal Procedure by informing the families of those sentenced to death of the execution deadline and allowing them to visit the convicted person in accordance with what is stipulated in Egyptian law.

Press Release4 May 2021

The five groups called on all civil society organizations, political parties, unions, individuals, and Egyptian communities abroad and regional and international bodies to endorse these seven steps as minimum requirements to begin restoring the dignity and rights of all Egyptians.