General Conclusions

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and other organizations affiliated with the Committee to Defend the Right to Health reiterate their stance on the need for all social movements to take part in a debate on the new health insurance system. They also reject the harmful elements of this latest bill, which threaten to achieve universal insurance coverage in name only, without the provision of real, fair insured care. In addition to the aforementioned recommendations, we stress the following:

1. The need for the new law to invest the legislative authority with its proper right to approve all the relevant details, particularly regarding the package of insured services and premium payments.

2. The need to place the entire text of the bill before society for extensive debate before submitting it to the legislature.

3. The need to raise the contribution of the public treasury to appropriate levels, no less than 10% of the public budget, in order to achieve fair, comprehensive health development, which provides insurance protection for all.

4. The need to find fairer means of funding coverage for “catastrophic illnesses”, rather than leaving them at the absolute discretion of the executive authority, which threatens the right to life for a broad class of citizens.