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29 December 2015

EIPR Concerned With The Court Verdict Against Islam el-Beheiry

Egyptian Initiative of Personal Rights is deeply concerned with the court verdict issued yesterday by the court of misdemeanor appeal sentencing the researcher and TV reporter Islam el-Behiry to one year of imprisonment on charges of contempt of the religion of Islam. EIPR urged the public prosecutor to suspend the execution until the challenge against the verdict is settled.

20 December 2015

Rights Organizations To Call For Supporting The Victims Of The Media Intrusion In Private Life Of The Citizens, And For Stopping Such Shameful Conduct

The undersigned express their apprehension at broadcasting a program on Monday 14 Dec. 2015 by Sada el-Balad satellite channel presented by the reporter Ahmad Moussa. In this episode, Moussa broadcast video spots from the private life of one of the public figures, demanding that he explains his position and that he addresses the public indicating whether such images are truly of him or otherwise.

10 December 2015

On Human Rights Day: Torture - Not An Isolated Incident

On Human Rights Day, the undersigned organizations condemn increasing violations by the Ministry of Interior in a manner that indicates they have been given free reign to abuse citizens using extralegal practices such as torture, enforced disappearance, and other arbitrary measures and systematic infringements of citizens’ fundamental rights and liberties, which have recently led to several deaths in places of detention.

10 December 2015

EIPR Criticizes Justice Minister Decree Requiring Foreign Men To Pay LE50,000 When Marrying Much Younger Egyptian Women

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights criticized Minister of Justice Decree 9200/2015 amending the implementing regulations of Law 68/1947 on documentation. Article 1 of the amendments requires foreign men marrying Egyptian women to provide LE50,000 in investment certificates in the wife’s name, drawn on the National Bank, if the age difference between the prospective couple exceeds 25 years.

2 December 2015

Release Ismail Alexandrani and All Prisoners Of Conscience; Societies Are Built with Freedom

The undersigned organizations strongly condemn the detention of researcher and journalist Ismail Alexandrani, upon his return to Egypt from Germany on Sunday, November 29, at 2 pm at the Hurghada airport, which constitutes a violation and restriction of his freedom. We demand his immediate, unconditional release and hold the authorities responsible for his safe return to his family.

25 November 2015

Two Years After Adoption: President Must Repeal Unfair Protest Law and Immediately Release Thousands of Innocents

The undersigned organizations deplore the prosecution and detention of tens of thousands of people for exercising their right to peaceful protest and assembly or for simply being in the area of such protests, in the wake of the adoption on November 24, 2013 of the law regulating public assemblies, processions, and peaceful demonstrations in public places, known as the protest law.

12 November 2015

Court of Administrative Justice upholds Yara Sallam’s right to vote and exercise her political rights

The Court of Administrative Justice has affirmed the right of Yara Sallam, a staff member at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, to exercise her political rights and be included on the voters' lists. The court ruled that her conviction for participating in an unlicensed does not preclude the exercise of her political rights.

9 November 2015

Release Hossam Bahgat immediately... Bahgat is detained incommunicado at an unknown location

Joint statement by the Forum of Independent Egyptian Human Rights Organisations 

15 July 2015

Against Terrorism, Against the Restriction of Liberties

Joint Statement from Parties, Institutions, Rights Organizations, and Public Figures on the Proposed Counterterrorism Law

25 June 2015

New call from national and international rights groups on the need to ensure accountability for the U.S. CIA Torture Program

29th Session of the UN Human Rights Council – June 15 - July 3, 2015

 Item 4 – Interactive Dialogue

23 June 2015

A confused step in the right direction: Commentary on the National Strategy to Combat Violence against Women

 The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights welcomes the release of the National Strategy to Combat Violence against women, a demand long voiced by numerous rights and feminist organizations and grassroots initiatives against all forms of sexual violence and exploitation.

23 June 2015

Press statement : IPT exposes surveillance violations against EIPR

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), a British judicial body that hears complaints about surveillance by government bodies, determined on June 22, 2015 that the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), had spied on two non-governmental organizations, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and the South Africa Legal Resources Center (LRC) in a manner that was in breach of their own rules and procedures regulating spying and communications surveillance.

10 June 2015

“Whose Customs? The Role of Customary Reconciliation in Sectarian Disputes and State Responsibility”

In a press conference today, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights released a study on the use of customary reconciliation to resolve sectarian disputes and the state’s responsibility for the violation of citizenship rights and its support for discriminatory procedures against Coptic citizens.

2 June 2015

Arrest of Hassan Mubarak for Charges of Membership of an Illegal Group

Within the ongoing security campaign of security forces led by the ministry of Interior with the aim of restricting activities of youth groups and persecuting them to force them to abandon their role on exposing human rights violations in Egypt since the 30th of June, as well as exercising their constitutional and legal rights to freedom of expression and gathering, a security force from the artistic productions investigation, Saturday evening, the 20th of May 2015, raided the office of the print house owned by Hassan M

22 April 2015

Arab and Amazigh Human Rights Organizations Call on Turkey to Recognize Armenian Genocide

This year, on the occasion of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, we join in extending our condolences to the global Armenian community for the mass extermination campaign against them in 1915, which is commemorated annually on April 24th. We call on President Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu to recognize the genocide and the responsibility of Turkey’s predecessor government for the terrible crimes against the Armenian community.

7 April 2015

Comment on latest Sectarian Attacks in Minya EIPR Condemns Security Approach to Sectarian Attacks and Urges Facilitation of the Construction and Renovation of Churches

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights monitored with growing concern the sectarian attacks and security abuses seen in the Minya governorate over the past few days, which came against the backdrop of worship services held at a licensed church and the reconstruction and expansion of another church. The EIPR warns that such tensions are likely to recur as long as the same security approach persists.

1 March 2015

Law on Terrorist Entities Allows Rights Groups and Political Parties to Be Designated Terrorists

The undersigned organizations condemn the passing of Law 8/2015 regulating designated terrorist and terrorism lists, issued by President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi in his capacity as head of the executive and legislative authorities. The law preserves the same catastrophic legal provisions found in a previous bill drafted by the Legislative Reform Committee, also adding several overly broad terms in its definition of terrorist entities.

18 January 2015

Management Change at EIPR

Gasser Abdel Razeq has assumed the position of the Executive Director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR, Sunday, succeeding Khaled Mansour who held the position since the end of 2013.

Mr. Abdel Razeq is the third Executive Director of EIPR –founded in 2002 by Hosam Bahgat who directed it until 2013.

14 January 2015

EIPR Asks the Gov. To Stop Pursuing Individuals For Personal Practices and To Make Amends To The Suspects In The Case of “Al-Bahr” Bathhouse

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) welcomed the acquittal of the suspects in al-Bahr bathhouse case, and called on the government to stop pursuing people based on their sexual orientation, or what is believed to be their sexual identity.

31 December 2014

Egypt Where Impunity Is Entrenched and Accountability Is Absent

Introduction: The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights today said Egypt’s worst human rights crisis in decades has continued unabated in 2014 with massive and systematic violations of basic rights and freedoms despite starting the year with a promising new constitution.