بيانات وأخبار صحفية

23 June 2015

A confused step in the right direction: Commentary on the National Strategy to Combat Violence against Women

 The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights welcomes the release of the National Strategy to Combat Violence against women, a demand long voiced by numerous rights and feminist organizations and grassroots initiatives against all forms of sexual violence and exploitation.

23 June 2015

Press statement : IPT exposes surveillance violations against EIPR

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), a British judicial body that hears complaints about surveillance by government bodies, determined on June 22, 2015 that the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), had spied on two non-governmental organizations, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and the South Africa Legal Resources Center (LRC) in a manner that was in breach of their own rules and procedures regulating spying and communications surveillance.

10 June 2015

After a hearing at the European Parliament on the crisis of human rights in Egypt: Government refers CIHRS to investigation

Yesterday, the investigating judge in the NGO foreign funding case delegated a committee from the Ministry of Social Solidarity to visit the offices of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) in Cairo and look into its activities. While the committee refused to give the CIHRS administration a copy of the judge’s delegation order, the Institute was permitted to read it.

10 June 2015

“Whose Customs? The Role of Customary Reconciliation in Sectarian Disputes and State Responsibility”

In a press conference today, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights released a study on the use of customary reconciliation to resolve sectarian disputes and the state’s responsibility for the violation of citizenship rights and its support for discriminatory procedures against Coptic citizens.

7 June 2015

"Insulting the Ministry of Interior" is One of the Charges that Result in the Imprisonment of Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) and Activists

The ElRaml Appeal Misdemeanor Court issued a verdict on 31 May 2015 of imprisonment against women human rights defender (WHRD) and lawyer Mahienour El-Massry and other activists, namely Youssef Shaaban and Loay ElKahwagy, for 15 months in the case known as "ElRaml Police Station", for 3 charges including "insulting the Ministry of Interior".

3 June 2015

Rights Groups: Questioning Negad El-Borai Demonstrates That Freedom of Work Is Granted Only to Legal Professionals and Judges Wo Turn a Blind Eye to Torture

The undersigned organizations are extremely concerned by the investigation of judges Assem Abd al-Gabbar and Hisham Raouf and the questioning of rights lawyer Negad El-Borai, the director of United Group, a leading civil society organization, three times, the last of which was on Monday 1 June, after they submitted a draft law to combat the crime of torture.

2 June 2015

Arrest of Hassan Mubarak for Charges of Membership of an Illegal Group

Within the ongoing security campaign of security forces led by the ministry of Interior with the aim of restricting activities of youth groups and persecuting them to force them to abandon their role on exposing human rights violations in Egypt since the 30th of June, as well as exercising their constitutional and legal rights to freedom of expression and gathering, a security force from the artistic productions investigation, Saturday evening, the 20th of May 2015, raided the office of the print house owned by Hassan M

18 May 2015

‎The New Amendments to the Implementing Regulations of the Law on Environment‎: ‎Huge Expansion in the Use of Coal, and Serious Health and Environmental Toll ‎

The Implementing Regulations of the law on Environment has been recently amended by the Prime Minister's Decree no. 964/ 2015, which was published in the official gazette on 19 April 2015. The amended Regulations included the standards and conditions on the use of coal.‎ ‎This amendment has been expected since the decision made by the Council of Ministers, in April 2014, concerning the use of coal as part of the energy mix in Egypt.

22 April 2015

Arab and Amazigh Human Rights Organizations Call on Turkey to Recognize Armenian Genocide

This year, on the occasion of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, we join in extending our condolences to the global Armenian community for the mass extermination campaign against them in 1915, which is commemorated annually on April 24th. We call on President Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu to recognize the genocide and the responsibility of Turkey’s predecessor government for the terrible crimes against the Armenian community.

9 April 2015

Human Rights Groups Declare Solidarity with Residents and Workers in Complaint to the IFC ombudsman against Titan Cement

The undersigned organizations declare their solidarity with residents and workers harmed by the Alexandria Portland Cement factory (Titan Cement) in the Wadi al-Qamar area of Alexandria, as they file a complaint against the company with the Office of Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman (CAO) of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank Group, which finances Titan.

7 April 2015

Comment on latest Sectarian Attacks in Minya EIPR Condemns Security Approach to Sectarian Attacks and Urges Facilitation of the Construction and Renovation of Churches

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights monitored with growing concern the sectarian attacks and security abuses seen in the Minya governorate over the past few days, which came against the backdrop of worship services held at a licensed church and the reconstruction and expansion of another church. The EIPR warns that such tensions are likely to recur as long as the same security approach persists.

28 March 2015

Continuous Targeting of Human Rights Defenders in Egypt; Witnesses Become Defendants

Due to the continuous crackdown on human rights defenders, the undersigning human rights organizations and institutions and individualsexpress their astonishment and shock about the accusations that were charged by Qasr El Nile prosecution office in Egypt to a number of witnesses who willingly testified on the killing of Shaimaa El Sabbagh.

24 March 2015

Stop Torture in Egyptian Prisons

The undersigned organizations strongly condemn the torture and collective punishments taking place in Egyptian prison, foremost the incidents that took place last week in Liman II (ward B) of Abu Zaabal prison complex. The incident in Abu Zaabal was not the first, since some of the undersigned organizations received reports of torture taking place over the last few weeks in Borg El Arab and Tora prisons.

21 March 2015

UN Human Rights Council Must Take Urgent Action To Address Impunity For Grave Human Rights Violations In Libya

In light of ongoing discussions at the Human Rights Council on the situation in Libya, the undersigned human rights organizations, call on Member States of the Council to support the creation of an independent mechanism, with the mandate of establishing the facts and investigating serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in the country by all sides since the end of the mandate of the international Commission of Inquiry in 2012, with a view to identi

18 March 2015

Rights Groups Condemn Forced Retirement of 41 Judges for Expressing their Opinions

The undersigned organizations condemn the forced retirement of 41 judges pursuant to the disciplinary board’s decision of Saturday, March 14, due to their release of a statement on July 6, 2013 expressing their stance on the June 30 uprising and the removal of former President Mohammed Morsi on July 3.

17 March 2015

21 organizations from throughout the world demand full transparency and accountability for the U.S. CIA torture program

28 the session of the UN Human Rights Council – 2-27 March 2015

 Item 4 – Interactive Dialogue

12 March 2015

The Egyptian Economic Development Conference: Is it A step Forward Or Pursuit of Policies of the Past

The Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) arrives this month amidst an official government and media discourse reflecting the government's high hopes for the EEDC to attract investments needed by the economy to emerge from its current financial crisis.

1 March 2015

Law on Terrorist Entities Allows Rights Groups and Political Parties to Be Designated Terrorists

The undersigned organizations condemn the passing of Law 8/2015 regulating designated terrorist and terrorism lists, issued by President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi in his capacity as head of the executive and legislative authorities. The law preserves the same catastrophic legal provisions found in a previous bill drafted by the Legislative Reform Committee, also adding several overly broad terms in its definition of terrorist entities.

24 February 2015

Rights Groups: Five Years in Prison for Expressing an Opinion

The undersigned organizations are extremely disturbed by the verdict issued on Monday by the South Cairo Felony Court in the Shura Council case. The court sentenced Alaa Abd al-Fattah and Ahmed Abd al-Rahman to five years in prison, a fine of LE100,000 each, and five years of police probation upon release. It sentenced the 23 other defendants in the case to three years in prison, a fine of LE100,000 each, and three years of police probation.

10 February 2015

The Second Massacre of Football Fans: When Will the Impunity Given To Police Crimes Be lifted?

The undersigned organizations hold the Ministry of Interior wholly responsible for the deaths of at least 20 people killed near the Air Defense Stadium the day before yesterday while attempting to enter a League match between Zamalek and ENPPI football teams.